Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Eli's Seventh

My lion hearted seven year old.  He thinks of others.  He loves well and expresses it without reservation.  He is a collector of all things, most recently of sand dollars. He loves to build with Legos and draw and create. He follows his big brother but is slowly starting to make his own choices even if they involve choosing to spend his birthday money on a stuffed animal (something big brother would never see the value in doing).  He is reading well, but he isn't willing to admit it yet.

We are so blessed to have him in our lives.

This is how the we spent celebrating.

The morning began with presents mostly picked out by big brother.

Then the requested breakfast of banana chocolate chip muffins and bacon.

And lunch at his favorite spot - Rubios

Then, jumping with friends

(yes this is horribly out of focus, but it is what I got - so it is what we are going to use)

And baby sister continues to believe she is a big kid

Finally cake and celebrating at home

Then, the very day after his birthday, he was able to go with daddy to Birmigham on a business trip.

He has grown into such an amazing boy. Can't wait to joyously march through another year with him.


becca @ sew loved said...

Aw, happy 7th Eli! And I'm completely in agreement with him – any time we're in California, Rubio's is a must for me. Mmm... fish tacos!

Kelley said...

Sweet boy! You know he will remember this birthday !