Monday, April 15, 2013

Finding a House to Make Our Home

Nice view.
(the view from our new street)

There is much catching up to do, many blog post written in my head, and hundreds of darling baby pictures to share, and they will come.  But for now, the story of the next giant step in our lives.

Very shortly we will be making the permanent move to California.  We will be south of San Francisco in San Mateo.  This is near the area we have spent the past two summers and where Jason's company has their West Coast office.

Last summer when Jason and MongoHQ were successful at raising funding we knew we would be making the move.  We also knew little Miss Lydia was on her way.  For my transition, the boys transition and our family as whole I felt it would be better to have a baby here in our comfortable supportive environment.  Jason agreed, and while it has been hard on him and there has been much travel we are grateful we were able to stay for this time.

But after her birth and subsequent settling in as a family of four we knew it was time to make the preparations for the big move.

The real estate market moves so quickly in the area there was not an opportunity to watch the market for months and find just the right place.  Things come on the market and you have to move immediately or they are gone.  Like within 48 hours stuff goes on the market and is leased (well the stuff you want, anyway).  The original plan was for Jason to go out and find a place on his own after Lydia was a month old.  While not ideal, I completely trusted him to find the right place.

The opportunity arose for both sets of grandparents to watch the boys over a four day period. We decided we couldn't let this opportunity pass, so we quickly bought tickets, wrapped up Lydia in the ring sling and prayed our way to California in hopes of finding us a home.

San Mateo House

Our landlord from the first summer we were in California helped us by wading through craigslist, setting up showings, fielding phone calls and going with us as a representative.  She was a huge blessing to have in this crazy time of trying to work everything out so quickly.

We saw several properties that were not the one.  Lydia was quite the trooper considering how much she hates her carseat.
San Mateo House
(I said she was a trooper, not that she enjoyed it)

Then on the second day we found ourselves, surprisingly, with two options that would both work but with very different advantages.  One was very nicely done on the inside, convenient to everything including Jason's office, and more in line with what we had hoped to find in our California home.  The second was huge, had nearby playgrounds and was straight out of 1983.

We applied for both.  Jason and I were both really torn about which would be the best choice, but we felt confident we could be happy in either.

The owners of the first home, two darling sisters, met us and talked with us about some of the backyard concerns we had.  They wanted to rent to us (no small thing with 4 children in the mix) and we felt confident they would be good landlords.  Both of us knew this was the right choice.  A lease was signed, a check given, hugs exchanged and now we had a destination for our big move...and a timeline.

San Mateo House

The Lord cares so much about our details.  I texted my girls that I was feeling a bit down about their not being a park close enough to walk to with big open green spaces.

And in the moment Kristine was sending me this message and praying we found a huge park with fields, playground equipment and bustling families a half mile from the house.  How loving is our God?  He has provided and encouraged each step of the way, and I am confident he will  not step away now.

There is still much preparation and planning to be done before we can take this big step, but we hope to be out there by mid may.

It is a bittersweet time in our family and prayers are appreciated.  We are excited about the move and all the opportunity but are sad about leaving our family and friends whom we love so dearly.

And for those interested here is a bit of a walking tour.  It is a 3 bedroom, 2 bath home.  The master bed and bath are not in the video, so just think small.  It is a bit smaller than our current home, but we are hoping this will encourage us to do some serious downsizing.

We love you all...and on to the next adventure!


Melissa said...

Love the house. Praying for y'all. Even though you guys will be missed, looking forward to what God has planned for you out there.

Kristine said...

Crying here in the office this am. Proud of you and your willing heart! God has great things in store! Love you so much and so thankful He's put me in a place to walk through this with you!

becca @ sew loved said...

Your new home looks fabulous. That front window alone is to die for! And the back yard with all the wisteria - so pretty! Will all the boys share a room and Lydia get a room to herself eventually? I'm always curious how people arrange children. Our boys are currently sharing a room... and we're not sure if we'll have one or two more kiddos, so it's fun to hear how other people do it! Best of luck with the move!

Peggy Hutchinson said...

I will be praying for y'all. What a great adventure!! The Lord will be with you. I love the backyard. It looks like the boys can make some great forts back there and I bet you'll be getting flowers everyday from them. Can't wait to hear more about the big move and everything else that is going on with y'all.

taylor lane said...

I LOVE it!! Really! The back yard is beautiful! All those colors!! I think the whole thing is going to be fantastic!! God has y'all in the shadow of his wings! Loving watching your life unfold. Im so excited!!!