Friday, April 19, 2013

A (very good) Day in the Life

I want to remember snapshots of our moments, hours and days during these crazy and overwhelming little years. So here are the highlights of our yesterday(s).

Baby girl only woke up twice the night before and was easy to settle each time.  I got up with the boys at 8:15 (although I think they actually had been awake for a bit longer and mercifully left us alone but, you know, they got hungry) and prayed Lydia would stay asleep long enough for me to grab a shower.

A Very Good Day

Turns out she was quite comfortable and I was able to shower, eat breakfast, conquer much of our school work and get the boys dressed. Boom.

Then our lovely maid service showed up...enough said.

My goal was for us to be ready to head out the door at 9.  Here is a picture of us leaving at 11. That's about right.  Also, baby girl is screaming, because of being in the torture chamber and all.  To say she doesn't like her carseat is an understatement.

A Very Good Day

We headed out to the park.  The boys ran and ran and and ran.  We talked about the swiftly moving in gray clouds, which only made us want to enjoy this time even more.  LJ and I watched carefully and soaked up the fresh air. Also - baby toes!

A Very Good Day

We made a quick trip to target that didn't involve any crying or (shockingly) overspending. And  - both brothers holding baby brother's hands - I die.

A Very Good Day

We made it home for a quick lunch and Baby Girl crashed for an amazing nap after her adventures and time in the torturous carseat.

A Very Good Day

None of the boys napped, but we were able to finish up school and (of course) build with Legos.

We picked up our dear friend Hannah who doesn't scare easily and we headed to Earth Fare for the kids eat free Thursday.  For $7 and a clean kitchen bonus the family was fed and of course the store got their money by mommy "picking up a few things while we are here."

The boys got settled in for the evening and LJ and I discussed the day and how awesome it will be when we all sleep through the night. She was less convenced, and I have to admit she made a strong case for our alone time. Also, making chinssssss look good since 2013.

A Very Good Day

And then all the little ones in this house gave into the sleep for the evening, and so did I.

PS - In the interest of keeping things real:  The day before yesterday we didn't leave he house, nor did I shower.  Yesterday Walker mentioned over and over how much happier Lydia was today than the day before. I quote, "She has been much happier and not cried that much." And we all say *whew* (because remembering the good days makes the harder days that much more enjoyable).


Kristine said...

Love it!!! So glad for an awesome Thursday!! And a clean house!!!!!

taylor lane said...

What's the rule in saying 'this is my favorite post' every single time you write? This isn't my absolute number one favorite... i remember that one... but you journal of your life so beautifully! I love all these sweet peeps and yes, Lyd does make chinsssss look incredibly chic! Love the first picture of her in the bed. adorable. LOVE YOU!