Tuesday, February 7, 2012

The Post I Should Be More Embarrassed About

But, I'm not.

No really.  He's the third kid. And if I've learned anything, I've learning the rules change as this parenting thing goes along.  What's important to myself and my family changes. The love is the same, if only deeper, but the details are a moving target.

There are huge benefits and some disadvantages to every spot in the birth order.  This is a post about the advantages of being (currently) the baby.

This is Colin. He's 2, and this is him using 2 iPads at one time.

I did not give him 2 iPads, but he commandeered them and I took a picture instead of stoping him. Because, come on, it's funny.

When he wants to use the iPad or iPhone he wanders around the house saying, "Where go my iPad (or iPhone where appropriate)?"

We correct him, but he still claims ownership.

Colin calls ketchup "dip."  He also calls chocolate syrup "dip."

When I get the milk out in the morning he follows behind saying, "Need dip. Need dip. Thank you."  The thank you is of course because I put the chocolate in his milk, everyday. Don't judge. I prefer to call it a protein victory as opposed to a sugar fail.

Walker and Eli were not allowed to touch our phones at two years old or have sugar or any regular basis, but this one is the baby. My my, how things change.


The Rhea Lane Families said...

i love this blog!

Rachel said...

Thank you for making me feel better. I was just bemoaning myself this morning that my one year old already demands to play a leapster in the car.


Stephanie Day said...

Savannah will ONLY drink chocolate milk and has a major meltdown if we are out of chocolate syrup and actually try to get her to drink plain milk! Ha! I figure chocolate milk is better than no milk, right?

Lea Anne Hardy said...

According to Dr. Ellis at Huntsville Pediatrics, yes, chocolate milk is better than no milk. I'm so glad I've got two kiddos now, it's taught me to relax.