Thursday, November 29, 2007

Walker Explains It All....

Walker has so much to say. He feels the need to explain everything to Eli. It is adorable. He was telling Eli in the car yesterday all about school. "Bye, Bye Rissa, bye, bye Tucker. Tucker share truck. Play outside with Rissa (his teacher's name is Mrs. Larissa)."

Yesterday afternoon he came into the kitchen: "What mommy cuttin?" Mommy is cutting potatoes. "Grandpa Hermie cut potatoes," so matter of fact. Whenever my grandparents cook us dinner grandpa does do potatoes, but they haven't done that in a few months and I didn't even know that he noticed. He misses nothing.

He is starting to color real pictures. Every week I get color papers from school...blank. Yesterday I got a totally green letter H. He is also coloring with me. He is making pictures and telling me that they are airplanes and helicopters high in the sky (the sky is blue, the airplane is orange, the helicopter is purple and the grass is green). Incredible. He knows all the colors in the crayon box and ask for them by name. He also knows some shapes. When I was uploading a picture of Eli, the icon showing it is loading is in the shape of a triangle, and Walker let me know that. We are even getting to do some school like crafts (mostly for mommy's sake). He loves for me to trace his hands. I'm thinking it's time to make a handy wreath! :)

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