Monday, November 12, 2007

Walker - The Conversationalist

Walker is growing up so fast. It is amazing how much he is able to communicate with us what he wants, or more passionately, what he does not want. No has become his favorite word, as we were told happens for all toddlers, but we held out hope. :) It is amazing how we have complete conversations with him. He uses his play phone to have conversations as well. It is so funny to hear him telling someone (daddy, grammy, grin, pops, ben, or even elmo) what he is doing in the playroom.

Walker making a call

Walker now says thank you to you when you give him something. We have moved past the stage where he tells you thank you when he hands you something. It is a precious gift to have gratitude coming from our little boy. This morning he said, "I Love you, too," to Jason on his way out the door, instead of just I Love you. Sometimes he will say, "I'll miss you." He also is always asking if someone or something is okay, "you okay, ______?" Now Hannah, Leah, Eli, Maddy, dump truck, car, and a multitude of other things have gone in the blank and it is precious. He says "sorry" now when he bumps into something or someone and then the "you okay?" phrase usually follows.

He has so much to say. It is pure joy to be a part of him becoming a person who is able to communicate what he wants, be appreciative of others, and show concern for others as well.

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EmilyRoseJewel said...

Hey Katy,
This is Emily, from FBCO, I came across your blog from Peggy Ann's Baby blog, I have two sons 19 mos. apart. I am so glad to have found your blog. Your boys are precious. It is quite a challenge with two isn't it! They sound a lot like my boys. They are so much fun! I see you live in Alabaster, I grew up 7 years in Montevallo. Anyway, stop by my blog anytime.