Thursday, November 8, 2007

140.6 Miles 13.5 Hours of Accomplishment


His final time was 13:30:03. This is much better than he had predicted or even hoped to be his best. Not to shabby for a first timer. :) As soon as Jason crossed the finish line, I bolted to the end to see him. He looked great. We took a few pictures, got his bike and bags, and headed back to the stands to see Ben finish.

After about an hour he told me he wanted some more water, so I run off to get it. 2 minutes later Sara calls and says he has passed out and they are bringing him to the medical tent. By this point he is gray and really nauseous. They have a holding area outside the medical tent where they make you drink water and see if water and time will help you recover, or "turn the corner" as they kept saying. Well, almost an hour later of sitting in the now cold temperatures they decided it was best to take him in and get him some IV fluids. After about 2 hours he was released and we headed home. During this time Ben finished, beating is previous time by 45 minutes, that is an amazing improvement in a race like this. They really wanted him to eat and drink so he did. Then he got sick, felt better, took a shower and went to bed. The next morning he woke up fatigued but fine other than that. He doesn't think he was dehydrated, rather his best guess is that he should have taken his salt tablets; that he sodium levels got off.


He spent Sunday resting and trying to let it all sink in. I still don't think it has totally sunk in for him. I am so proud there aren't even words to describe it. The whole preparation and lead up to the race was amazing. Thank you Jason for letting us be a part of your amazing journey and it's completion on Saturday.

There are more pictures up on our Flickr Photostream and on Ben's Flickr as well. If you go to Ben's photos you can see the final step in becoming and IRONMAN that Jason took on Sunday. We are working on putting all the video together and I will post once that is ready.

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Melissa P. McClain said...

Way to go Jason! Congrats!